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the girl with the famous dead authorthe girl with the famous dead author

Eva Gabrielson lost her fight with Stieg Larsson’s family to any share in the works of her deceased partner,whom she lived with in a common law marriage for over 30 years. Incredibly,Sweden has no laws regarding this,and with his death of a heart attack at age 50,she is left with nothing –no home,no shared property,no say in the sale and publication of his books (which she allegedly helped with,at least with editing and perhaps more.) Larrson completed three books and had a 4th in the works.

Learn more about Eva here.

My book club meets on Tuesday for a discussion of A Girl with a Dragon Tatoo. I loved the book;I didn’t learn that Larrson had died until I had finished it and was searching for more books by him. Unfortunately that number is limited to the three he completed. He had planned for 10. Our loss,truly.

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