February 2018


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Visitors Live

Back to it!

I need to Get Back to work! Tomorrow! Studio hours 8-12 = then I can go play. I have been playing daily for the last couple of weeks,like I am on vacation or something. Time to get motivated!!!! And,a real Vacation IS coming up in two weeks.

Not been totally sitting on my butt –ran a 10K Saturday,we got our entryway tiled,and took a 25 mile bike ride today.

Reading lots …. presently half through a great book,Half of a Yellow Sun, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Biafra’s struggle to establish independence from Nigeria in the 1960’s is told through the lives and interactions of several interconnected characters with differing nationalities,lifestyles and stations in life.

Product Details Little Bee [LITTLE BEE]

Before that,Little Bee,by Chris Cleave,told mostly through the eyes of Little Bee,a Nigerian refugee,who lands into the house of a British woman with whom she had a shared experience on a beach in Nigeria while the woman was on holiday with her now deceased husband.

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